Nothing compares to the DustRam® Dustless System The #1 Ceramic Tile Floor Removal System

Did you know tile flooring removal during home improvement can be one of the most dangerous and unhealthy things you do inside the walls of your living space? Removing tile floors is a messy and dirty process when inadequate or no cement dust collection equipment is used.

If you choose a contractor who uses outdated removing methods, the interior of your home will be covered in dust and debris after the job is done. Not only is the dirt unsightly and invasive, it also poses potential health hazards to you and your family as it contains Crystalline Silica. Once Silica dust enters the lungs, it is never expelled.

  • DustRam System is a professional, military-grade, no dust removal process. No other devices or systems can deliver the professional results the DustRam® System is able to provide.
  • We have developed equipment and special processes for tile and thin-set removal which virtually eliminates any dust at the source and throughout the removal.
  • Our tile removing equipment is highly specialized, our staff highly trained, and our clients highly satisfied.
  • Currently, no other tile installer or removal crew in Arizona can guarantee the same level of service or dust free removal of tile. Be careful when getting quotes from other contractors claiming they have “clean tile removal.” Unless they use the DustRam® System, you will not get the results you expect.

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